About Unified Ministries for Christ,


Unified Ministries for Christ , International is involved in many aspects of the Christian Faith.  Below are  the many ways that we impact the nations for Christ.

(Minister Franklin top right at World Missionary Baptist Church with Pastor Caver bottom right with some of his church members)

Christian Rights  -We work  with many Ministries around the world fighting for Christian Rights and "Freedom of Religion."

National Evangelism - Minister Franklin and UMFC travels to various cities throughout the United States holding Christian Revivals and leading many to Christ.

Foreign Ministry Assistance  -Minister Franklin and UMFC is in constant contact  with many Ministries in the United States,  Africa, India, and Pakistan to assist in the development of Christian Ministries into those countries and/or the expansion of these Ministries.

Online Christian Radio Shows -

Minister Franklin and UMFC works with many online radio stations to promote his 30 minute daily radio show "Christians In Spiritual Battle," which has been airing weekly for over 6 years. 

AM Stations Christian Radio -

Minister Franklin is also featured on AM radio stations in parts of Texas weekly, and on several online Christian radio stations.

Christian Music Online -

UMFC promotes Christian music online from artists that we work with through our Ministry Music Division. Minister Franklin has released 1 Contemporary Gospel CD online, with 2 more Gospel CD's scheduled for release very soon.  Go to the link below to purchase "Jammin for Jesus 1"


Employee Wellness Counseling Services - Minister Franklin and his team of professional counselor's works with companies helping to reduce employee stress on the jobs, increase productivity, and aid to the production of companies bottom-line through "Employee Wellness Counseling."


 Learn How To Counter Demonic Attacks In Your Life

(Click Photo Below) 


 Contemporary Christian Music From Our UMFC Online Music Division

Minister Franklin sings "Higher" at the Mobile, Alabama City Revival



Sister Carolyn Franklin of Abundant Life Church sings "Amazing Grace" at UMFC Rally 


 The inspiring healing crusades of Pastor Nabeel Yousaf.  A recent registered Affiliate with Unified Ministries for Christ, Int.  To expand the Gospel in Pakistan. God Bless Pastor Yousaf.


Rabbi Marty Cohen reads the "Books of Genesis" from a 200 year old Jewish Tora Scroll.  Rabbi Marty is a Christian Jewish Rabbi, and strong supporter of UMFC and Minister Franklin


Unified Ministries for Christ,  International 2009 Revival 

 Check out the Unified Ministries for Christ, International video presentation,  and see first hand the many different ways that we as a Ministry are impacting individual's, other ministries, and nations for Jesus Christ.


(Minister Franklin leading a church march in Dallas, Texas and carrying the Cross)

Minister Franklin and Sister Franklin - Founder's of

 Unified Ministries for Christ, International 


Rabbi Marty Cohen (Jewish Christian Rabbi), stands with Minister Franklin and Unified Ministries for Christ, Int.

 Pastor Patras of Lahore Pakistan having a crusade.  Many come to Christ through his powerful crusades. Pastor Patras and Minister Franklin have been in working affiliations since 2004.  Working to change Pakistan for Christ 


Pictures of Pastor Nabeel Yousaf crusade in India, as he ministers to hundreds of people seeking Christ. Pastor Yousaf is a 2010 registered Affiliate of Unified Ministries for Christ, International.

Pictures of Pastor Nabeel Yousaf crusade in Pakistan, as he ministers to hundreds of people seeking Christ. 

 Pastor Kumar's Revivals in India (above)

Pastor Asif Naeem (R) Providing Clothing for Widows.  God Bless Him and His Efforts. 


At Unified Ministries for Christ, International - We're Bringing Ministries Together to Work For The Kingdom


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2004 - 2016 Ministry Events 


Below Minister Franklin At The White House For The "Medal of Freedom" Awards

- Crusade For Discipleship Conferences & Workshops


- UMFC March Of The Church Street Marches

- Texarkana AM Radio Broadcasts

- Alabama, and Texas AM Radio Broadcasts

- UMFC Marriage Amendment Rally & Street March in Dallas, Texas

- Minister Franklin Marriage Performances

- Aretha Franklin's Gospel Celebration, Detroit, Michigan

- Texarkana Texas Bobby Ferguson Christian Park Rally

- Greenville Texas Christian Revivals

- Mesquite Friendship Baptist Church & UMFC Impact The Youth  Rally

- Aretha Franklin Christian Revivals

- Minister Franklin Visit To The White House in Washington To Meet President Bush

- UMFC / Mesquite Friendship End Times Conference

- UMFC "Christian's In Spiritual Battle" Radio Broadcasts

- UMFC Christian Music Releases

- UMFC Foreign Ministry Associations

- Minister Franklin Books of Revelation Online Study Guides

- UMFC Semi-Annual Discipleship Conference

- UMFC Christians Counseling sessions


Minister Franklin with Actor Andy Griffin In New York City


 Minister Franklin with Ms. Aretha Franklin (Queen of Soul), outside the White House


 Minister Franklin with Music Legendary Producer "Jimmy Jam" in New York City


Minister Franklin and Mrs. Franklin with Music Guru and President of "Jay Ray" Records - Mr. Clive Davis 

Pastor Patras and his street crusades by "flat bed" trucks in Lahore, Pakistan 

 Pastor Patras and his street crusades


Evangelist & Pastor Kumar laying hands for healing in India.  Many are healed at this revivals and come to Christ.  Pastor Kumar has worked with UMFC and Minister Franklin for almost a year now.


Pastor Nabeel Yousaf of Peace of Jesus Spirit Ministries in Pakistan preaches the word at a healing crusade.  Pastor Yousaf just became an Affiliate Ministry of UMFC and will be working with UMFC to help change Pakistan for Christ. 


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