The latest poll announced on Fox News yesterday shows that 49% of Americans view Muslims unfavorably, up from 39% one year after the Islamic terrorist attack on America.  Is it any wonder with what has been going on for months regarding the Ground Zero mosque. 

In the past couple weeks, America has seen a radical Christian pastor determined to commit a provocative act outside his church in Florida.  For the past few months, America has also seen a so-called "moderate" Islamic cleric determined to oppose the will of 70% of the American people  --  and more importantly, the wishes of the majority of 9-11 victims  --  and build a huge mosque at Ground Zero in an enterprise called the Cordoba Project.  That name itself is a provocation considering the propensity of Islamic conquerors to build mosques on top of revered Christian and Jewish sites or other hallowed sites. 
Yet, the radical Christian pastor, Rev. Terry Jones, who has less than 50 congregants at the Dove World Outreach Center in Gainsville, Florida, called off his church's burning of the Koran this past Saturday on the 9th anniversary of the Islamic attack on America on 9-11.  Defense Secretary Robert Gates had called Pastor Jones on Thursday afternoon asking him to call off the Koran-burning because such a provocative event would endanger the lives of American troops. 
Rev. Jones had a press conference calling off his Koran-burning and said he would seek a meeting with the Muslim cleric building the mosque at Ground Zero to ask him to call off the building of the mosque at the World Trade Center site.  The "moderate" Islamic iman refused to even meet with Pastor Jones. 
The so-called moderate leader of the proposed Ground Zero Mosque, Iman Feisel Abdul Rauf  --  who, with his wife, took lengthy trips last month to the Mideast paid for with American tax dollars (some say to stir up trouble)  --  obstinately plans to go ahead and build his abominable mosque which he reconfirmed immediately after the 9th anniversary of the Islamic terrorist attack in New York City.
This same "moderate" Muslim leader, Iman Rauf  --  since he got back from his nearly month-long taxpayer junket to talk to his friends in the Mideast  --  now has a new scheme to force the building of his mosque at Ground Zero.  He is now blackmailing the American people by saying if he is forced to move his Ground Zero mosque, radical groups around the world will react by commiting terrorists acts.   Iman Rauf says that if this situation does not turn out right for him and his mosque, Muslim violence could explode all over the world and innocent people could be killed.  This blackmail is absolutely unacceptable. 
Barack Obama  --  who came to office promising to unify America  --  is determined, as is Iman Rauf, to see the mosque built at Ground Zero against the wishes of the overwhelming majority of the American people.  On the other hand, Obama condemned Pastor Jones' threat to burn the Koran saying it was extremely insensitive or words to that effect. Yet, he takes the side of the radicals wanting the mosque built on the 9-11 hallowed ground,
While condemning the insensitivity of the Christian pastor, Obama refuses to talk about the huge insensitivity of Muslims building the mosque at Ground Zero. The "moderate" iman, Feisel Abdul Rauf, has a close associate on a board of directors with him named Faiz Khan who is a "9-11 Truther" believing that the 9-11 attack was orchestrated by the United States government and Al Quada had nothing to do with the attack on America.  These are the kind of people the president is supporting.  This was exposed by the Bill O'Reilly show last night on Fox News. 
Two other political leaders and a religious leader on the right have been far more helpful to heal the wounds in America than has been the president during these two explosive situations.  Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin said about the situation this week, "People have a constitutional right to burn a Koran if they want to, but doing so is insensitive and an unnecessary provocation — much like building a mosque at ground zero. It will feed the fire of caustic rhetoric and appear as nothing more than mean-spirited religious intolerance. Don't feed that fire."
Former New York City Mayor Rudy Guiliani, who was the mayor on September 11, 2001, said on NBC's "Meet the Press" on Sunday regarding the recent threats of the radical minister in Florida to burn copies of the Koran, “The imam has a right to put the mosque there. Freedom of religion gives him that right,  The minister has the right to burn the Koran. The same amendment to the Constitution gives him that right, the First Amendment. In either case, common sense and a real dedication to healing that these men of God would theoretically have would tell you not to do it because you're hurting too many people."
The religious leader on the right, Reverend Franklin Graham, who opposed the destruction of the Koran by the Reverend Jones, sent a note to him urging him not to burn the Koran.  Dr. Graham said, “It's never right to deface or destroy sacred texts or writings of other religions even if you don't agree with them." 
All of these American leaders, except Barack Obama, believe building the mosque at Ground Zero is also an insensitive provocation.  It is now up to the moderate Muslims of this country to put their full weight behind the effort to stop this insane move by the "moderate" iman.  A huge majority of Americans view Muslims unfavorably and it could only get worse if the Ground Zero Mosque is actually built.