Article By: Minister Anaclet Phiri
Looking back at the history of the mighty men of God in the Bible waiting on God was an important component of their relationship with God. For example, Adam had to wait on God to bring him a wife, “a helper comparable to him.” Genesis 2:20. Noah had to wait for one hundred fifty days for the flood to decrease so that he could step on the dry ground. Genesis 8:3. Abraham had to wait about 25 years to have Isaac, the son of the promise. Jesus had to wait until his thirties to begin his ministry in spite the pressure from his siblings. The list goes on. To the biblical history, you can add millions of Christians today who have waited on God and who are still waiting on God for answers to prayers, for a direction to take on certain matters, for healing, etc.
The Bible clearly teaches us that waiting on God is very important in our relationship with God. This importance of waiting on God is displayed throughout the scripture. Here are a few examples: Psalm 27:14 tells to wait on God and by doing so the Lord would strengthen our heart. Psalm 37:7 tells us to wait patiently on the Lord. Isaiah 40:31 tells us that those who wait on God He will renew their strength so that when they walk with Him they won’t tire or faint. Clearly, the Bible is full of scriptures that illustrate the importance of waiting on God. However, waiting on God is not as simple as it sounds when it  ccollides with our human nature. Our human nature resists such a concept because it naturally dictates us to have what we need and have it now. Naturally, nobody wants to wait for a long period of time especially when faced with hardships such as financial, health, or family crisis that require an immediate intervention. You want to wait on God for one day, one week, one month at the most and that’s it. When the answer does not arrive in our own timing then doubts, self-pity, complains, depression, even unbelief kick in. Then one question arises: Should we wait on God for answers or should we try to find our

Here is the answer:
Yes, Wait on God. Period! Here is why

God knows us inside out. There is nothing that happens to us that He is not aware of. He even knows the number of our hair. Matt. 10: 30. Rest assured that He knows what is going on. God is capable to solve our problems because there is nothing too hard for Him to do. Mat.19:26. Do no see your problem as too big to solve. What you can’t, He can simply because He is God. God is directly is directly involved in solving our problems. He does not outsource or delegate them. He handles them personally. Just call on Him and He will answer you. Jeremiah. 33:3 The Lord knows what is best for us and His answer will always be the best of the best. Jeremiah 29:11. Finally, the Lord knows the depth of our hardship and he assures us that he will not let us be tempted beyond what we can handle. I Cor. 10:13.  It is absolutely important to wait on God for our sake and for the sake of our relationship with Him. Not waiting on God equals taking matters in our own hands and making God a spectator. Not waiting on God is settling for the least as compared to the best the Lord has for us. Not waiting on God is giving in to unbelief and doubts. Waiting on God does not mean being static One thing that waiting on God does not mean is lying down and do nothing at all. Of course there are circumstances where there is nothing else you can do. What I am saying is that there are many ways the Lord will use you even when you are still waiting on Him on ccertain prayer requests you made. For example, if the Lord told you about a particular ministry He has for you still need to seize every divine opportunities that present themselves no matter how small they are: witnessing, praying for others, giving, visiting hospitals and prisons, volunteering at your local church, handing out literature, getting involved in other peoples’ ministries to name just a few. You never know how God will bring about your own breakthrough. It may happen in such small acts that you had never imagined. If you have prayed for a job, do not stop applying, sending out resumes, or going to job fairs. Pray and keep on doing those things. If you are sick, pray for healing but also go to see a doctor.
The key to waiting on God is to stay in tune with Him so that you can keep on hearing His voice. The Bible teaches us to pray without ceasing (Thess. 5:17) and as you do you will constantly hear his assurance that He is aware of your matter and He is in charge. Read the word on daily basis so that your mind is renewed every day. Worship and praise Him to draw near to Him and to draw his presence in your life for in His presence is fullness of Joy (Ps.16:11). Waiting on God is part of our Christian life and our daily walk with God. Waiting on God for a Christian is not an option it is a must!
If you are reading this and you have not yet given you life to the Lord Jesus Christ, please do so by acknowledging that Jesus is the son of God who died for your sins and rose from the dead to give you eternal life.
God bless you.
Anaclet Phiri
Peace For Nations Ministries
Fort Worth, Texas