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Minister Franklin in New York City having dinner with UMFC Supporter - Ms. Aretha Franklin 


Unified Ministries for Christ

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The Unified Ministries for Christ, International

 "Crusade for Discipleship Conference"

Held At


(Praise God It Went Very Well)


The Conference on Saturday the 30th, was a great successSo many were touched by the awesome speaker's that talked about the lack of focus on Discipleship in our Churches. 





    The Conference went well, with powerful emotions from the speaker's and audience.  Though not as many showed up for the great event as we had hoped;   God moved in a powerful way convicting everyone of the importance of Discipleship in our churches and ministries that did attend.  We will be working on the next conference for August which will be followed by a Discipleship workshop.

Our conference goal is to plant the seed for understanding the importance of discipleship  and its functions THROUGH our churches and ministries; and to provide follow up support and guidance to these individual's, churches,and ministries. 

To provide a future training forum than also be utilized in our ministries and churches and become an effective model used in encouraging, training, development, and support of discipleship ministries.

We will be impacting many individual's, churches, and ministries truly interested in knowing more about Discipleship and/or individual's being called who are seeking advise on pursuing their callings in Ministry. 

The UMFC Crusade for Discipleship Conference will take place every 4 months to provide that support and direction to Christian's, churches, and ministries "ON THE GO," for JESUS CHRIST!


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"Tools for Personal Discipleship Training Course"


"The Stewardship of God’s Truth Through Discipleship Outline"




    Future UMFC Events & Functions Being Planned


** SPRING 2019 **

Spiritual Empowerment Teachings on Facebook & Tweeter and Other Social Media Outlets

Revelation Study Guides - Foreign Nations 22 Week Workshop

UMFC Online Music & Sermon Division Releases - "Jammin For Jesus 2" CD "Just As I Am"

** SUMMER 2019 **

Books of Revelation Online Studies

UMFC Online Music & Sermon Management

** FALL 2019 **

"Christians In Spiritual Battle" Online Radio Shows

 UMFC Online Music & Sermon Management


2019 UMFC Ministry Affiliate Visits

We will keep you posted on the Churches and Ministries Minister Franklin will be visiting and their locations and time.

* Facebook Bible studies on Christian's in Spiritual Battle on Tuesdays and Fridays nights after 8 pm with Minister Franklin.

* Minister Franklin will also in 2019, be visiting many different churches in the Dallas / Ft. Worth metroplex areas worshiping Christ with other Minister's and Pastor's.

Some Of Our Ministry Supporter's 

* World Missionary Baptist Church - Pastor Caver, Arlington, Texas

* Mesquite Friendship Baptist Church - Pastor Turner & Staff Ministers, Mesquite, Texas

* Cornerstone Baptist Church - Pastor McKissic, Arlington, Texas

* Sims Baptist Church - Pastor Sessions, Garland, Texas

* Krupa Shalem Ministries - Pastor Ratna Kumar, Tenali, South India

* Christian Life Empowerment Ministry - Pastor Moses Wheigar,  Liberia

* Metroplex Messianic Fellowship - Rabbi Marty Cohen, Bethany, Texas

* Pastor Patras - Pakistan

* Miss Aretha Franklin - "Queen of Soul",  Detroit, Michigan

* Joyland Christian Church - Pastor Omariba, Kenya, Africa

* Pastor Varam - Pakistan

* Pastor Nabeel Yousaf - Pakistan

* Pastor R. Williams Ray - India

* Unity In Christ Ministries - Pastor Sirdar Hubbell, Pakistan

* Good News Fellowship Ministry, Pastor Bannet, Pakistan

* Messiahs Knights, Pastor Benjamine  Clevelend, Irving, Texas

* Holy Fire Ministries, Pastor Ravindra Babu, India

* Grace Covenant Church, Pastor Barasa, Matunda Kenya, Africa

* India Missionaries of Hope - Pastor Sareem'  India

* Pastor Kumar - India

* Joshua Way Pathway Ministry, Pastor Phillip Joshua,  Monrovia Liberia, West Africa

* Leo Alexander - Mayoral Candidate - Washington, DC

* Henry Roberts II - Word of Life Institute - Mobile, Alabama

* Mayor Horace Shipp, Texarkana Mayor

* Pastor Idohou Roland, Republic of Benin, Africa

* Website Email Database Support

* Mesquite Friendship Baptist Church - Ministers Ford, Moore, & Mullins, Mesquite, Tx

* World Deliverance & Healing Ministry - Prophet George Streeter

* Evergreen Baptist Church - Pastor Jordon - Texarkana, Tx

* New Zion Baptist Church - Pastor Daugherty - Boston, Tx

* Fishers Of Men Ministries - Pastor Jimmy Ybarbo & Brother Jessie Gonzales, Dallas, Tx

* Wilkins Christian Radio, Alabama & Tennessee Offices

* KNBO Radio Station - Pastor & Radio Personality Benny Blount, Boston, Tx

* Friendship Baptist Church - Pastor Mullins, Texarkana, Tx

* Flower Acres Baptist Church - Pastor Johnny Murphy, Flower Acres, Tx

* Potters House - Minister E T Thompson, Dallas, Tx

* Abundant Life Church - Minister Tim Franklin, Garland, Tx

* Downtown First Baptist Church - Pastor York, Texarkana, Tx

* Abundant Life, International Ministry - Bishop Larry James, Ohio

* Abundant Life Church - Garland, Texas

* International Fellowship of Christian's and Jews - Rabbi Eckstein, Israel

* Mount Olive Baptist Church - Arlington, Texas

* Holy Land Moments Radio Show - Chicago, IL

* Peace For The Nations Ministry - Anaclet Phiri, Dallas, Texas

* Pastor Jessee O. Otoc, Phillippines Ministries

* GGF Ministries, Pastor Asif Masih, Pakistan

* Pastor Wakhungu, Webuya, Kenya Africa

* Faith Christian Ministries, Pastor Bisharat George, Punjab, Pakistan

* Bible Pathway Mission, Pastor Phillip Borbor, Monrovia, Liberia

* Newlife Society Ministry, Pastor John Victor, Godavari District, India

* Grace of Jesus Ministries, Pastor Nabeel Yousaf, Pakistan

* Pastor Kumar, India

* Grace Outreach Ministries, Pastor Devadas, Devarapalli, Anhra Pradesh, India

* Pastor Naveed Akhtar, India

* Love God Church, Pastor Rodha, Kenya, Africa

* Pastor Andrew Makori, Kenya, Africa

* Pastor Issac / Rose, Kenya, East Africa

* LoveEm Ministries, Pastor Sakhawat Maseeh, Pakistan

* Muwongo Ministries, Pastor Jehu Paul Muwongo, Uganda, Africa

* Paigaam Ministries, Deputy Director / Evangelist Naqash Jalal, Pakistan

There Are Many More Ministries Working With UMFC Not Listed Above In the United States and Over 50 Foreign Ministries in Africa, India, Pakistan, and The Philippines.

Minister Franklin (center) with some of the men of Gods House of Grace Nondenominational Church, Founded in 2008 by Minister Franklin



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I must personally thank Pastor Howard Caver of World Missionary Baptist Church in Arlington, Texas (Below) - for mentoring me into Ministry since 2004, for supporting God's vision for me; and for being my spiritual guide and counsel for so many years.  I Love you dearly Pastor Caver for believing in me and UMFC.

From:  Minister Franklin 


Our Mighty Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Paying Our Price For Sin!

Unified Ministries for Christ, International thanks our many Affiliates whom over the years have supported our Ministry and its efforts either financially, or in personal support. 



Many Christian's from many different churches marching through downtown Dallas, for Jesus Christ with Minister Franklin, Sister Franklin, and Unified Ministries for Christ, International 

 Minister Franklin carries an 8 ft tall Cross through downtown Dallas, Texas for the "March of The Church" Street March and RallyMany churches joined Unified Ministries for Christ, for this outstanding event





Minister Franklin's "Miracle Corner"

Very Special Prayer Requests


Do you believe in Miracles?  I do,  and have seen many of Gods children, friends, and family - healed from sickness, disease, and many other things that hinder our temples in Christ.  Below are some of our Ministries "Stories of Healing" in the Miracle Corner!

Great Healing's From Our Lord

* Praise God Ms. Loretta Shaffer is recovering from a damaged shoulder and is doing just fine.

* I thank God that he has delivered Linda Edwards from extreme drugs, and that she has been clean now for over 100 days.  Praise God.

2/01/2014 - Praise God my daughter Cyntana has just defeated Alcoholism and God has restored her to her natural self.  I am so grateful to our Lord for healing my child.

5/26/2013 - My daughter Cyntana and granddaughter Saniya Franklin joined a new church and my daughter was given a revelation of her pastoral calling to help women. 

3/23/2013 -  Please pray for Guy Goynes.  He has been hospitalized for psynomia yesterday and needs your prayers. 

     (April 2011)


While  given a 10% chance of survival or less by doctor's in mid April 2011;  I (Minister Franklin) was instructed by the Holy Spirit to tell Steve (the grandfather), to claim his authority over his family in healing, and this child.  And,  to rebuke the terrible sickness from her.  I told him to listen to God and not the words of those doctors (giving little Miracle 10% chance of survival),  and that those words were from the enemy!  I have been instructing him in prayer over this child for several weeks now we all have  involved others in prayer.  Through all this, God has made the FAMILY FAITH around this child much stronger.  An anointed prayer cloth was placed above her head - prayed over,  and kept under her pillow. Praise music constantly plays in her little room.  Well guess what?

 Now!  (May 2011)

  PRAISE GOD! Her eyes are opened, the over 50 tubes in her body are removed, she is off  "life support"  and is getting fed regular food now and her little 2 month old body is healing and strengthening every day. Little Miracle is now doing just fine. Saints our God is a mighty God.  Claim your authority in HEALING! (Thank you Lord for healing this 2 month old precious child "Little Miracle.") AMEN

* Pray for my future daughter in law - Contessa Johnson,  she is having problems with her white blood cells and will be seeing the doctor. Pray for her healing.

* Pray for my daughter Cyntana Franklin who is in the hospital.  Stand on Gods healing power with us.

* Pray for Loretta - She has allergies really bad.  Pray also for her granddaughter Rebecca and her great granddaughter Corey Ander. (We clain resolve in his name). AMEN

* Sister Debra Spruel - Having ankle problems and is scheduled for stomach surgery.  Pray for her swift healing and that God has surrounded her around special doctors for her special needs. (We declare healing in his name) AMEN

* Matt Woeller - A Soldier - State Dept. Armored Group Security Division   oversees needs our prayers. I met his brother at Walmart in Irving, Texas.  He mentioned to me that his brother  was stationed oversees at this time guarding government leader's.  I told him our ministry partner's will definitely keep him in prayer. Lets pray for his security, and safe return home to his family. (We claim his protection over Matt in his name). AMEN

* Christina Davis (my daughter) had her first child named Noah.  I thank God for him. AMEN

* Little JT Walker (14) months has been sick, pray for him. (Little JT is healed and doing just fine). AMEN

* Linda Walker needs our prayer's.  She has been in the hospital for a few days now  with "Lupus." (Linda is doing great!  I saw her a couple of days ago and she is being blessed in her healthy tremendously).  Ive been counseling with her off and on about God and faith for some time now.  She is a great friend.  AMEN

* Minister Perry Ford - needs employment.  Pray for the Lord to meet he and his wife's provisions. (Minister Ford has been blessed with employment again). AMEN


 UMFC Online Internet Division

says,... Minister Franklin's

"Christian's In Spiritual Battle" Online World Radio Show And Online Music Division" Is Coming To Our Website Soon In 2019


Note: There are may different online radio stations supporting Minister Franklin and his World Radio Show "Christian's In Spiritual Battle," with free online airtime and has now been airing for 7 years weekly. PRAISE GOD!


Unified Ministries for Christ, International is proud of our reputation in our communities and abroad.  We always strive to unify ministries, churches, and individual's for the work of our Lord Jesus Christ

A few of the great Minister's and Pastor's from Churches who Always stand with Unified Ministries for Christ, International and Minister Franklin

  Minister Perry Ford - Mesquite Friendship Baptist Church - Mesquite, Texas

   Reverend Leon Moore - Mesquite Friendship Baptist Church - Mesquite, Texas

    The Great Pastor Johnny Murphy - Flower Acres Baptist Church - Texarkana, Texas


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